The day before

I am starting to re-evaluate. Tomorrow, I’m running a half Marathon, I think, with MEC. I haven’t run the whole week, I haven’t prepared, I haven’t gathered my bottles, belt or anything. I wonder if I am taking this running ability for granted or if I am starting to lose interest. I mean, I like running, I think. I know I like to gather medals and the congratulations I am getting here and there once a marathon is completed. That, I am sure.

But is it enough to keep going.

I like the big personal goal of completing a marathon each year until I’m 50 but I’m questioning how disciplined I can be to keep this going. The cold season is creeping up and it will become a challenge to train once again. I really want to keep the running shape but I think I’ll need to form a plan. It might involve swimming on Monday while my daughter is doing her water polo training. I’ll probably have to set a day to ride my bike to the office while I still can this fall, then set the bike on the training rack for the cold months. The running is the hard part. I hate the cold, and I know it will be there once again.

There is no way for me to install a treadmill in the basement, skipping rope isn’t an option either as the basement ceiling is too low. There is still the option of another 3 months at the sport center on the outskirt of town with the indoor track. Not the perfect thing but it made me stack the mileage in the legs before the Boston marathon. Maybe winter could be the season to build up on strength. I could set a plan of push ups, crunches, pull ups, chin up, squats, planks. Humm with some of the metal hardware I have, some ropes and pulley, I could set myself something interesting for relatively cheap.

I don’t know, I really need to come up with a plan.