The Heist – Macklemore

I’n usually not to much into rap music as they are usually talking way to fast for me to sing along when the songs are playing.  This one is no exception on the singer’s ability to drop the lines but there are a few songs that I can sing too.  Thrift Shop, Can’t hold us, White walls are definitely some tunes that I crank up the volume in my truck.

Despite some crude language, I appreciate when an artist embraces a cause in his rimes.  Same Love has the good idea of simply saying that love, is love.  Who cares what gender is the object of your love.  A big statement was made at the music awards in 2013 when they celebrated many weddings, no matter the gender of each other.

One of the other good thing about The Heist is that it holds 18 tracks.  Too often have I been disappointed when purchasing an album for a mere 10 songs, some in two versions, some re-recordings.  18 tracks, I like that.