Third in one year

2019 is a crazy year. A lot is actually going on. I mean, work is always busy and I’m heading into my 10th aniversary here. On my running scene, I’m training again, sort of.

Each and every training cycle seems to come with a similar challenge. Find time and do the training. Running is a simple exercise and I still enjoy every runs. Even today, it was very warm and I didn’t ran as long as I would have initially like but the heat and humidity got to me. My 10 km goal turned into 6km and I was quite fine with that.

Last spring, I ran 2 marathons with 4 weeks in between. For some people, that might be enough but I had no clue on how to properly recover and be ready for the second 26miles run. It turned out that I suffered more than I expected in the latter run. So, you live, you learn, I’m not doing it this fall. I was already registered to Montreal and Chicago #ChassingThatSixStar with 3 weeks of rest. I downgraded my Montreal Rock’n Roll event to half marathon. Hopefully, I’ll be ready for the half and also in good shape for my Third Star.

I’m still struggling to perform the long runs on Sunday, I mean, I know that if I train somewhat like last summer, I can make it through the distance without hurting too much. My lunch-runs, if I can bring them to an 8km average and 3-4 times/week will lead me to a great and appreciate the run. My concern is that, although this is good enough to make it through, that is not what it takes to get a PR on that course.

Chicago, that will be fun. I’m expecting that the Abbott cheer zone will be great and that my wife will enjoy that day as much as I’ll be having fun running the course. Third marathon in a year, I’m pretty happy with that achievement. I mean, I understand that it’s not a ground breaking performance in the running community but for me, I really like that. Not planning on doing the same next year but most likely, I’ll be running 2 marathons, one Spring, one Fall.

My runniversary is getting closer too. I’m closing in on 6 years of running shoes and “soaked with sweat” clothes. Six years since I left the couch and started running. Modest beginnings turned into an amazing habit. I’ve already ran 8 marathons, the first being in NYC in November 2015. Boston was obviously memorable, Montreal and Ottawa were completed twice (so was Boston) and now the Spring event in Cornwall holds a special place in my heart. It was cold, windy, freezing, miserable and I finished second to last of ALL the marathon participant (not considering the ones that quitted at the half mark). But I had to dig really deep to make it through, I found strength and that was an amazing feeling.

Chicago, you’re next, I’ll be all over you and I’ll make you my bitch.