Travelling Journal

Travelling Journal Monday.

Our transport was rather soft and clean. The transfers and inspections were a bit hard on the nerves but it already appears like it’s long ago. Our troops left only yesterday and we’re already exploring a new territory we have never seen before. James, leading our group, gave us good advices. He told us it was his third expedition. He is rugged and aged but he seems wise. On the way here, I also met Fred and Jason. They are about my age, they live in the north and just like me, they were looking for an adventure. We’re planning to settle down tomorrow. The forest is much denser than home but the trees are smooth and the ground is soft as well. The wind is moving the vegetation in a poetic dance. We haven’t encountered any indigenous populations nor seen any indications of such. This is very promising and I hope to be able to prosper over here. I feel it was a good thing to move here.


Travelling Journal Tuesday.

I was able to claim a great part of the southern region. The weather is nice enough so I can sleep outside without any shelter. A few others from the expedition have already started to dig the land and prosper from the nutritious food it bears. They have hooked their gear in the trees and I’ll be doing so tomorrow. I’ve tasted the fruit from this ground and it was worth the travel. Fred and Jason installed they camp north-east from mine. They are doing well and they gave me advices over the shelter I am building. Today was a good day.


Travelling Journal Wednesday

The rumour is growing of a big creature roaming.  I only saw a large shadow pass across the forest.  Rumour has it that is took James.  He was the one leading our troops.  Nobody has seen him since late yesterday. Some said he might have left on another expedition but all his gear was left behind. Some of us are fearing this shadow but some pretend it’s only a boogieman story. I am only resting with one eye close until it gets sorted out. I do not fear for my safety but I’ll remain careful. I will hide and flee if I must.


Travelling Journal Thursday

The shadow roamed all over the land, I saw it. It rained really hard this morning. There was a lot of water everywhere but it went away almost as fast. Some of our expedition left in the hope of a better place where they would have no fear. We still have no news from James. Fred and Jason will be leaving tomorrow. They don’t know where to but Fred told me he feel that its what they should. He offered me to tag along but I decided to take my chance and remain here.


Travelling Journal Friday

The situation is terrible. There was another rain this morning. I believe it contained some type of chemical. Robert, my closest neighbour got very sick and passed away within a few hours. Jason and Fred left during the night, I hope they are safe. I feel the effect of the last rain. I am weaker by the minutes. This adventure is turning into a nightmare. This new head is not a good place for us. Is there any good environment for lices to live and prosper?