Void City Novels

Take everything you know about vampires and remove most of the romantic and shiny from it.

Place the characters in an urban setting, and witness a rock’n roll story develop through the main character’s eyes and mind.

This is how I’d explain the Void City novel series created by J.F. Lewis.  Of course, there is a lot going on so I am not sure how I could explain deeper the idea without spoiling.  I am not  into vampire and I can’t really say if the author is staying true to the logic of vampire’s un-life but there is a certain logic that makes sense to me.  Without a doubt, having the stories told my a male author makes the books more “action driven” which is more appealing to me.

Staked is the first, followed by ReVamped, Crossed and lately Burned.

Those books are great and I recommend them to anyone above 15 considering some gore and mature events.  My personal view is that they should be read in order to fully understand the  chain of events.

If you want a glimpse of the author’s talent, there are a few free short stories that are available online

As a side note, J.F. Lewis is very active and participative on his fan page on facebook.  Unlike others, he doesn’t just post, he also answers and that’s awesome.