Wapsi Square

Okay, this is a tough one.  I’ve been reading the adventures of Monica and friends/kin/affiliated since 2008-09.  I haven’t missed much and but I’ll admit one thing: I have no clear idea on why I keep on reading this strange webcomic but I enjoy it.

What is Wapsi Square about ?
According to the artist and author Paul Taylor, it is a slice of supernatural. But, it’s way more than that.  Everything seems to be happening in the real world but most of the characters are from another plane or a meta-parallel universe.  Monica is the jaguar girl, but I’m still not quite sure what that implies.  There are sphinxes, dark entities, spirits, a lot of strange characters, many are related for some reason.  There are also some mythology that I believe the author invented.  It’s a big weird mess to explain.

One thing is clear though, the images have an energy, it seems like most of the strips/pages are drawn within seconds.  The lines feels untouched, one stroke of the pen and it’s done, very fast and it adds life to the pages.  Depending on where the action is taking place, the artist uses real images, modified to create the background.  The black and white, and shades of gray are a perfect fit to the mood.

Storywize, honestly, I have no idea of what’s going on.  The story arcs are always a little unclear, sometimes leading to confusion.  Never quite sure what is linked to who.

What would I do differently?
Obviously, I’d sit down and figure some arcs, complete segment, starting with a why something is happening, a who deals with it, a where is this all taking place, and how it ends up, quickly sketch them.  With a few of them, figure is something could be connecting them.  I think that many amazing elements are there.  The artist has the talent but I feel the author part of Paul Taylor should use a little more planning on what he does with his amazing cast of characters.

I recommend this webcomic mainly for its style and energetic drawing.  The stories are confusing but a few of them can really drag you in and get you hitched