Was I a bit ahead of my time ?

As time goes, I see more and more people having a personal blog, or personal website.  It appears more and more people want to leave a sign or their passage on Earth, and Internet is the perfect place for that.  I mean, as long as you pay for the domain and the hosting, your thoughts will be online forever.  If some of what you do ever turns viral, you’ll have eternal fame.  There are some simple stuff that is still there somewhere.  One of my early memory of the www is the Hamster dance, there were also the Geocities which offered free web space for people who wanted to put whatever.  I probably still have a backup somewhere of one of my early web site.  oh it was probably very basic, boring and insignificant.  But it probably meant something to me at the time.

Once I got into coding online, I developed my own blog or some type of diary.  I wrote everything and sometime too much.  I remember receiving hatred email because of some of the content.  At that time of my life, I was going through tough time with a separation and I was venting every way I could.  When it is your fault that the relation ended, it is hard to find a ear to listen to you complain that you f*cked up.  And I understand that.  So, the internet was my venting zone for all that was going on in my life.  I highly doubt that any thing from that would still be relevant to me now, 15 years later.  But I kept it all, on a backup, or directly on the net.

So yeah, 15 years ago, I was writing on the internet, bit and glimps of my life.  A few days ago, a friends with whom I’ve worked with started his own web site.  A bit private, under the cover of his Internet nickname.  I’ll keep an eye on his site, mainly by curiosity towards how he’ll make it grow.  We all start with the best of intentions but the discipline to maintain the monster we’ve created is sometime where we fall short. I am really hoping he’ll thrive and bring it to something good and interesting but I know that when people get involved in many projects, the time and focus gets diluted and the parts that suffers first are the personal stuff since it rarely pays the bills.

If you have the time and curiosity, check out his site,  BraveN8. Who knows, you might learn something, see something nice, or simply be entertained for a moment.  Geek, gamer, loud, proud and intelligent; I think there is potential.  We’ll see, as time passes.