Week 1 completed. 23/900km. 2.6%

All right.

Week #1 is completed, I’ve crunched the numbers because I know that it’s what gets me going. Every time I’m doing calculations, I remember that back in college, I was so bad at maths. Sort of ironic.

So, this week, I did 23.74 km, at an average pace of 5:51. I’ve also improved my 5k PR. My 5k is now at 27:38. Overall, I have completed 23/900  km which brings me to 2.6% training completion.

For those who might be wondering, I calculated my average pace by summarizing the km and the time, then divided. This is to avoid calculating a long slow run as one of four runs when it is half the mileage done in the week. It might bring a slower number but it gives me a baseline to focus on maintaining. I don’t think there is a perfect way of calculating but this is what makes sense for me.

The improvement of my PR are not what I aim precisely and I am not expecting to over push them each week. In this first week, I think I pushed a bit more than I did in the previous weeks since I was “coasting” until the beginning of the planned training. But I know PR will improve, I just don’t focus too much on that. My goal is more on adding mileage and keeping if feeling relatively good. I will have to plan a series of stretching before and after running. I already stretch my calf, thighs, tibia front muscles but I think I should get a strict routine to get the legs in good shape.

I’ll admit that what scares me is getting a plantar fascitis like I had last summer. I shut down my training for 6 weeks and it had quite an impact on my first Half Marathon’s performance. I am not sure I would have done a lot better, but surely better than I did. So yeah, this is my phobia a the moment.

Week 2, here I come.