Week 2 completed. Currently at 53/900km 5.9%

Week 2 is done and the numbers are looking pretty good I must say.

This week I did 29.5km at an average pace of 5:52min/km. I’ve improved my 10k PR which is now at 59:12. I’ve also improved my 5k PR which is now at 27:23. Overall I’ve completed 53/900km which bring me to 5.9% training completion.

I am quite surprised of my PR improvement. I did not expect my 10k to go down as I was running at R1 running speed. I think I got a little caried away and oh well. The new 5k PR is a good and a bad news. I was running at R2 (race pace) and while doing the 5th km, I realized that I was heading for a new PR, and I over did it. Once my Garmin watch beeped the 5k, I was drained and and needed to walk. This is a discipline issue. I’ll need to focus on that on the next R2 runs. I didn’t walk long, maybe 20-30 sec, but that is not the point. The Idea is to maintain the R2 pace and on that day, I should have kept it for the 35 minutes. I am not going to beat myself over it but I’ll focus more next time.

Health wise, the body is performing as I want and expect. The word of the NYC marathon is out at the office, little extra pressure but I can live with it. I still have to establish the stretching routine. I’ve added to kneel down with toes up to stretch under the feet. It surely won’t hurt.

I’m looking forward to the long distance Sunday’s run.