Week 3 completed. Currently at 88/900km 9.7%

Week 3 is done and I am still feeling great about the numbers.

This week I did 34.4km at an average pace of 5:50min/km. No PR were improved this week. As disappointing as it may sound, I feel it means that I was able to be disciplined and focus on the paces I needed to run at. Overall I’ve completed 88/900km which bring me to 9.7% training completion.

The weather has been cool enough to allow me to run a bit earlier than the usual. It felt great not to be in complete darkness as some streets are not very well lit.

Health wise, while running my 10km on Thursday, I felt a little tingling under my foot. The beginning of a cramp. I took some deep breaths and focus on proper breathing. Drank a bit of water too. It passed. I stretched extra that evening after the training.

I ran on Tuesday, the day before the garbage in the neighbourhood. There was a place where there was a 32inch flat screen TV.  The power cable was cut off, I welded a new one. I still need a remote that can change the image format.  I’ve ordered one from amazon.  Kind of nice a 32 inch tv for the price of a remote  🙂

Next week is the last without interval training. I think it should go well.