Week 4 completed. Currently at 126/900km 14%

Week 4 was a tough one.

This week I did 38.3km at an average pace of 5:50min/km. I’ve improved my 10k PR which is now at 57.14. I’ve also improved my 5k PR which is now at 27:06. Overall I’ve completed 126/900km which bring me to 14% training completion.

I was supposed to take part in a race but the early morning thunderstorm forced the cancellation of the event. I still had 15km to do, so I went out around noon (such a bad choice), as the sky was looking pretty dark. I was hoping for the rain to come and keep me cool. Nope! The sun came out blazing and it was scorching. The rain and storm only happened late in the afternoon. I had to stretch my Achilles at around 11km. I only had 3 bottles of water, I should have brought 4 and have some to rinse myself. The long run in the summer heat are very taxing on the body.

I weighed myself at 179 lbs on Sunday 19th, that is nice to see on a scale.

My feet are feeling good, I don’t have any pain except for the average soreness.

Saturday, I ran in a different city as I was visiting some friends.  Another town, new path, and a whole lot of hills.  It was a tough 5k, but it was fun to run up and down.  It felt different than the flat I’m usually going.  This said, it was demanding.  I hope it won’t affect too much my Sunday long run.