Week 5 completed. Currently at 167/900km 18%

Week 5 was a reality check.

This week I did 41.2km at an average pace of 6:11min/km. I didn’t improve any PR and hard a hard time on the long run. Overall I’ve completed 167/900km which bring me to 18% training completion.

Sunday’s long run was a 16 km and I went running in the blazing sun. I brought along 4 bottles of water and that was insufficient. I had to walk several times and ended up with a pace of 6:42min/km. This pace ain’t disastrous but I was drained and wasted when I got back home. This is the part that scares me. I really felt that I went to the limits I’ve had. I need to push those limits further and further.

My feet are feeling good, I don’t have any pain except for the average soreness. I’ve felt some tingling once in a while but breathing deeper makes it pass.

This was the first week with intervals. That was painful, mostly mentally. While running, I was having a lot of negative thoughts and doubts. I’ll have to figure a way to get my brain in gears too as it will be important for the upcoming weeks.

My training also increased to running 5 days a week. I still have to get into yoga on Monday and possibly some strength training on Wednesday but I have a hard time on discipline for those. Yeah, discipline is really the key on this journey, I have the goal, the plan, and I really have to keep the focus to be successful.