Week 6 completed. Currently at 213/900km 23.7%

Week 6 was a a charm.

This week I did 46.3km at an average pace of 5:52min/km. I’ve also improved my 5k PR which is now at 25:29. Overall I’ve completed 213/900km which bring me to 23.7% training completion.

Sunday’s long run was a 20km (which actually was 19.40km) race in the Park Bois de Liesse. The temperature was good, the feeling was great, it was a 4 x 5km trail loop. I had 2 bottles with Gatorade and there were water stations every 2.5 km. As per my habit, I was drinking a cup, and putting a cup on my head to cool me down. I didn’t have to walk, but trail running is a little harder on the pace than streets. I ended up with a pace of 6:18min/km on my Garmin. This pace is ok but the main positive point is that I was not totally drained at the finish line. I think I’m more affected by the heat than I’d like. I am not sure there is much I can do about the weather. It felt good on the body and the soul.

My feet are feeling good, I don’t have any pain except for the average soreness. My left calf is stiff. I need to be more vigilent on the stretching. The stiffness goes away after the first half km but still. I’d rather have it relaxed.

This was the second week with intervals. It was mentally difficult to get out and do it, but it went ok. My times are nice, it makes pretty cute graphs. I’ve had a hard time counting the intervales. I’m doing them in a loop. I’ll have to plan them ahead with my watches’ lap.

Running 5 times a week feels good, My weight is still going down. I realized that, when I’m done after running, my body goes back to a regular state much quicker than before. I think I read somewhere that it’s a sign of good health. Haven’t done yoga or any strength yet. I feel that if I start on this, I’ll gain muscle mass and it might not be that helpful.

Starting next week, I’ll be doing Half Marathon almost every Sunday. New PR ahead!