Week 7 completed. Currently at 256/800km 32%

Week 7 was hurting.

This week I did 42.8km at an average pace of 6:08min/km. I didn’t improve any PR and had a hard time on the long run (I feel like I’m repeating myself now). Overall I’ve completed 256/800 which bring me to 32% training completion.

Sunday’s long run was a 22km. I planned on leaving very early, around 7:30, but I could complete the office work I had in progress. It delayed my departure until noon. That was a bad , very bad thing. The temperature got too warm and I should have drove my path in the car to see the space available for me to run. Road construction zones are very bad. Drivers have no idea how to behave when there are no middle line on a street or road. I had 2 bottle with Gatorade and 2 of water, I should have brought more, but I had no place to carry them. The water supply, while training in hot summer, is a challenge. I encountered hills, which I don’t do much I’ll admit and it prove to be very challenging. I had to walk a few times but I was recovering pretty fast. Still, the heat was a big factor on this run.

My feet are feeling good, but my left calf is still stiff. Over the week I was feeling pain again so I took an extra day of rest. I’ve tested it an I don’t think it’s the bones that are hurting, so, a bit of rest helped.

This was the third week with intervals. I ran all the way to my in-law’s place It went pretty well. I’ve pre-counted the laps I’d have to do before leaving so it was easier to figure where I was at.

I will probably have to cut down on the “performance” running. The intervals and fast runs are pretty hard on my legs. I still want to have a good result at the end but I don’t want to over do it and injure myself. Still no sign of yoga or strength.

Note: I’ve recalculated and the mileage I’ll get to is 800 by the end of the training, before the NYC Marathon.