Week 8 completed. Currently at 307/800km 38.4%

Week 8 was a big step and recovery.

This week I did 51.2km at an average pace of 6:17min/km. I didn’t improve any PR and the long run has been difficult but interesting. Overall I’ve completed 307/800 which bring me to 38.4% training completion.

Sunday’s long run was a 26km. I drove from home at 6:00 AM to try running along the Lachine Canal. The temperature got warm fairly quickly. It was already 22 when I started and the mercury kept on rising as the sun was getting higher. I was expecting a great view and an amazing scenery and it felt short from the expectations. Once I completed, I was feeling a little pin in my knee which became more intense in the evening, it decreased by the Monday’s evening. I didn’t do intervals on Tuesday and I aligned 2 days of rest (Thursday and Friday). It helped for Saturday’s run.

My feet are feeling good, but my left calf is still stiff, once in a while. It goes away quickly when I start running and it doesn’t hurt after a run, not even after 26km; so I ruled out any bones issue.

I didn’t run anything “performance” related as I felt my body needed recovering. It’s been over 8 weeks of official training, without considering the weeks before. Still no sign of yoga or strength, I wonder if I’ll get to this.