Week 9 completed. Currently at 346/800km 43.2%

Week 9 was small week with it’s own challenges.

This week I did 38.5km at an average pace of 5:59min/km. I didn’t improve any PR and the long run was a rather short one (18km). Overall I’ve completed 346/800 which bring me to 43.2% training completion.

Sunday’s long run was a 18km. I started from home with the plan of running my 10k loop and get back home then start for a 9k loop. I ended up changing course, and running further and going up a hill and then around the shopping center. Didn’t get much pain, maybe slightly but nothing to really worry about.

My feet are feeling good, but my left calf is still stiff and I am getting some pain around the area where it is said to be about shin split. This scares me a bit. I’ve started to take pain meds after the runs to help sooth the issue. I’ll see how it goes.

I didn’t run anything “performance” related training and added a rest day. I am not sure about doing intervals until the NYC Marathon, it tends to but a lot of strain on my legs and I’m not sure that it really need it this much. Still no sign of yoga or strength, I’ll have to get into strength training, just to be in top shape.