Zombies, Run.

I’ve tried it upon the suggestion of my ex. An app, on the cellphone that is some kind of a radio audio story. I am not quite sure on how to describe it but all in all, you are a runner, gathering supply for your base camp (Able town). There has been a zombie apocalypse so runners are important. This is what happens in your ears. Kind of a story you listen as it unfolds while you are jogging, walking, running. The path you take has no impact on the story. If you activate the “Chase” mode, you’ll have to sprint a few time in the episode when the “operator” tells you to run and you’ll hear moans and grunting in your ears. If you run late at night, it gives a little chill and you really feel your survival urge kick in. If you don’t accelerate, you will lose some of the gathered supplies.

At first, I was not convince since I am not a fan of zombies theme shows like The Walking Dead or others if there are. I haven’t seen World War Z, and even though I played Left 4 Dead, I was pretty bad as I scare easily. But eh, I might as well give it a try, which I did. I am now a believer.

Having the communication from Able Town interrupting my playlist is quite pleasant. The story is deeper than I expected, with characters with a back story, relations with other fortified settlement, a little mystery, and obviously some humour with Jack and Eugene on Able Radio. The Able Radio starts when a mission ends, this way, you are still entertained. There is also the Able Town base that you are building and upgrading with material and supplies you pick up while running. It doesn’t add much but it’s kind of nice.

The free version of the game comes with 4 missions, and you can unlock one mission every week. Considering you can re-play the same missions a few times, it’s quite decent. The missions are not gradually adding any type difficulties as they go on. The only challenging part are the chase, the rest, is only up for your entertainment. They are already producing their forth season of episode/missions so there is plenty of story for your km.

The paid subscription unlocks all the missions, give more supply per runs, and other few goodies but so far, I am not too pushed to pay.

Oh and one amazing thing. There are no ads, no publicity except for their own store, t-shirt, badges and so on. But I mean, while using the app, nothing selling other apps and that is rare and great!

I am looking forward to every new mission, each week. It keeps me company. It entertains and sends my mind drifting instead of focusing on the run and the soreness feeling in my legs.

Update : I subscribe and now I play a new mission every time!  So Good!

Truly amazing https://zombiesrungame.com